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Used Tires



Why Choose Used Tires?

Buying used tires in Aurora Colorado may be best when:

  • You’re planning to trade in your car soon
  • You want to be environmentally friendly
  • You want an easier cost to manage
  • You’re replacing a damaged tire

J&R Used Tires are:

  • Inspected closely
  • Guaranteed to perform
  • Some have 90-100% original tread remaining
  • Have the right price for every budget

Buy Your Used Tires From the Best

Our wide selection of Used Tires include.

  • Car tires
  • Truck tires
  • All-season tires
  • All terrain tires
  • Snow tires 
  • Performance tires
  • Many more tires that come in many sizes and types.

 There is always an alternative to new tires that will allow you to save money.  J & R Tires offers the best selection of used tires in Aurora, Denver and other surrounding areas in Colorado. We are the first place you should check whenever you plan to save money when buying tires.


Our experienced staff will inform you of every aspect considered to make the right choice. Nearly half of our business consists of selling used tires. We really know what we are doing and know how to lower the costs for you. Our customers get the best quality used tires and exceptional service.