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The useful life of a tire

What do tyre size numbers mean?

Mileage is not the only determining factor to define when to change a tire. Manufacturers usually make a series of recommendations that we must take into account to define it. Some of those key points are:

Proper care extends the life of the tire. If you pay attention to the inflation pressure of your tires, wear, etc., it is possible to prolong their durability.

After five years or more of use, tires should be inspected by a professional at least once a year. He will be able to tell us the state in which it is found and if it is necessary to rotate or align them.

The maximum is ten years. If the tires have not been replaced 10 years after their date of manufacture, it is recommended that they be replaced with new ones as a precaution, even if they appear to be in fair condition. Same for spares.

How can I recognize a safe used tire?

The tires are the part of our car we pay the least attention to, but it is the one that we must take care of the most, because our safety depends on them. However, it is always desirable to save some money, and with the cost of living rising, buying used tires instead of new ones doesn’t hurt. Anyway, you should be able to differentiate between new and used tires, and which used tires are safe.

At first glance, the difference cannot be perceived, since these tires go through a cleaning process that leaves them as good as new; However, there are some easy tips that we can put into practice very easily to differentiate safe tires from unsafe ones.

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