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Lube, Oil & Filter Change


Keep your engine running stronger and longer with routine lube and oil changes.  Our service staff will inspect the oil filter during each oil change, and replace the oil filter in order to keep your oil clean from contaminants. Contact us online or call us today regarding your next lube, oil, and filter change.

  • Over time excess particles in unclean oil are left behind in the engine. 
  • This causes ineffective lubrication and  significant wear to the engine. 
  • Oversaturated oil  will eventually lead to an overworking engine, excess heat and engine failure.

During an oil change your engine’s old oil will be replaced with new oil and the oil filter will be changed. Chassis components of the vehicle will be lubricated according to the standards of the manufacturer. With our oil change and filter replacement service every working part of your engine will be properly lubricated with clean oil.

  • An oil change and filter replacement service is a preventative maintenance that promotes maximum vehicle performance while extending the life of your vehicle. 
  • This service will protect your engine and extend its lifetime. 
  • Oil lubricates the working components inside your vehicle’s engine reducing the amount of friction between them. 
  • Oil absorbs harmful particles created during the combustion process and directs them to the oil filter
  • Clean oil and a new filter will keep your vehicle operating at optimal levels of performance.