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Why doesn’t my car brake properly?

Have you ever been driving down the road and your car does not brake well? It is undoubtedly one of the most worrying scenarios behind the wheel. If you run out of brakes, you have to react in time. Turning off the engine or pulling on the brake can put everyone’s safety at risk. Therefore, it is recommended to check the brakes and brake fluid frequently to avoid unfortunate situations.

Another situation when your car does not brake well happens when it makes a screeching noise or the pedal vibrates. On the other hand, you can feel that the brake pedal is spongy and the car does not perform the function as it should. All these situations are due to the fact that the car ran out of brake pads, leaked brake fluid or that it overheated.

Why does the brake pedal go all the way down? The brake pedal goes all the way down because it is likely that there are some faults in the units of this system:

  • Calipers:
    These devices are responsible for supporting the brake pads, each one has a cylinder that contains brake fluid, when stepping on the pedal it is pushed in order to compress the pad towards the disc and perform braking. When the caliper gaskets become damaged, brake fluid will leak out of the system.

    In turn, pressing the pedal will spill the liquid instead of pressing the piston, letting the pedal go all the way down.

  • Hydraulic lines:
    They are the connections of the flexible or metallic hoses that connect all the components of this brake system. The hydraulic lines are tied to the chassis of the car, the flexible hoses are used in movement areas such as the front wheels, while the other metallic lines are used for the rest of the system.
  • Brake pump:
    Its function is to exert force on the brake pedal until the wheels presses. When the seals inside the master cylinder fail, they allow high-pressure brake fluid to seep into low-pressure fluid, causing the pedal to bottom out.
  • ABS module:
    Its function is to prevent the wheels from linking to maintain direction and control of the vehicle. When this anti-lock system has an activation you will realize that there is a leak and therefore the pedal will go all the way down. In conclusion, if you need to change parts of your brake system, it is best to contact a specialized center such as Autolab. Schedule an appointment now on our website.

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